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Whether you need preventive maintenance done, a part repaired or just a simple inspection completed before a roadtrip, Pneus Bélisle is the one-stop shop for your vehicle.

Pneus Bélisle pneus et mécanique is a network of experts with offers you a network of experts spread across 11 locations throughout Quebec. We also provide specialized services for commercial tires, supported by a fleet of 50 service trucks covering the entire territory. Here is the list of products and services that are offered at Pneus Bélisle pneus et mécanique.

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  • Tires: sale, repair and installation

    For over 50 years, Pneus Bélisle tire specialists have been the reference for purchasing, repairing and installing your tires. In each Pneus Bélisle location, you will find trained representatives to help you choose your tires from brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Vredestein, Marshal, Multi-Mile and Maxtrek.

  • Tire rotation

    ‘Rotation’ simply means changing the position of each tire on your vehicle.

    To ensure that the tires wear evenly, we recommend that you have them rotated regularly (every 10,000 to 12,000 km or as specified in your owner’s manual). This will maximize tread life.

    Use your owner’s manual for the recommended rotation pattern. It is always simpler and faster to ask your representative to rotate your tires. At Pneus Bélisle, this service is completely free! Start using it today!

  • Nitrogen tire inflation

    There are many advantages to using nitrogen to fill tires. It could be a beneficial solution for someone who does not remember to check tire pressure every month. Inflating tires with nitrogen maintains tire pressure longer because nitrogen molecules are larger than molecules of air, which means that they don’t escape the tire as fast. Nitrogen reduces rolling temperature, does not damage the tire and prevents rim corrosion.

  • Installation of studs on tires

    Depending on driving and road conditions (rural, mountains, etc…), it is sometimes preferable to have studs installed on snow tires to increase traction. See your Pneus Bélisle representative for further details on the types of tires that are compatible with studs.

  • Tire storage

    Pneus Bélisle offers a storage service. Your tires will be safely stored in the best conditions. They will be carefully filed and their wear will be inspected. With this option, you won’t have to carry tires, they won’t get your car dirty and you don’t have to find a place to store them. You also get insurance coverage. See your Pneus Bélisle representative for further details and start using this service today!

  • Wheels/rims: sale, reconstruction and installation

    Pneus Bélisle specialists have been your reference for tires for over 40 years. Whether you want to purchase, install or even repair wheels, the Pneus Bélisle staff will be happy to share its expertise with you. Each Pneus Bélisle location has trained representatives to help you make the right choice.

  • Wheel alignment

    Both road conditions and your driving (potholes, rubbing against the curb…) can have a significant impact on the alignment of your wheels. We recommend you have the wheel alignment done at least twice a year to prevent irregular tire wear.

  • General repairs / Preventive maintenance program

    A good way to ensure you keep your car for a long time is to get preventive maintenance done. In doing so, you’re doing your part to ensure it is safe and reliable for years to come. Your Pneus Bélisle dealer offers every preventive maintenance program according to your car manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

  • Brakes

    The braking system is your car’s most important safety system. Brake inspection and maintenance must be performed regularly for good performance and safety. See your owner’s manual or your Pneus Bélisle dealer to know how often you should have your brakes checked according to your car manufacturer.

  • Lubrication and oil change

    Regular oil and filter changes keep your engine clean and allow it to function properly.

    Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer-recommended interval between oil changes. Remember to also change transmission and brake fluids.

  • Rust proofing

    A quality rust inhibitor should be applied yearly, preferably before fall, to limit corrosion. See your Pneus Bélisle dealer to find out if this service is suitable for your car.

  • Air conditioning

    Heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems make your car comfortable throughout the seasons.

    Regular maintenance and verification of these systems and interior filters will ensure their effectiveness. If you notice a difference in the efficiency of your system or an unusual odour, make an appointment with your Pneus Bélisle dealer, who can verify, assess and repair issues as necessary.

  • Muffler

    The exhaust system directs hazardous engine exhaust out of the vehicle while reducing emissions and cooling combustion gasses. It has a direct impact on engine performance and reduces noise levels for increased comfort in the vehicle. Regularly checking the exhaust system helps maintain vehicle safety.

    Make an appointment with your Pneus Bélisle dealer if you notice anything unusual (noise, smoke, vibrations or knocking beneath the car, drastic drop in power, etc.).dealer if you notice anything unusual (noise, smoke, vibrations or knocking beneath the car, drastic drop in power, etc.).

  • Suspension and steering

    Your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems are used to maintain its stability and contribute to your safety and comfort.

    During the wheel alignment process, these components will be verified.

    Trust the expertise of your Pneus Bélisle representative to repair or modify your suspension.

  • Tire recycling service

    Pneus Bélisle has containers at your disposal to recycle your used tires. For further details about this service, contact your Pneus Bélisle representative and start using it today!

  • Shuttle service/ courtesy vehicle

    Contact your Pneus Bélisle* dealer to find out if this service is available.

    *Available in select locations only. We encourage you to check what services are offered at your Pneus Bélisle location.

As tire and auto repair specialists, we’ve been on the road with our customers for over 40 years. Make an appointment today in a Pneus Bélisle location and use our expertise!

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