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Retreading is taking a used tire and breathing new life into it by replacing its tread. This option will allow you to save while giving your tire a longer lifespan.

The ultramodern Rechapage Bélisle (Bélisle Retreading) plant is on the cutting edge of Michelin technology. Rechapage Bélisle’s success is a result of its highly qualified and manufacturer certified staff as well as the use of materials of the highest quality, automation and leading computerization. These elements also ensure customer satisfaction.

For several years, Rechapage Bélisle has been proud to be the Michelin company’s largest partner in Quebec as it is the international tire retreading leader for trucks.

See your Bélisle commercial tire location for more information about their wide range of retreaded products. Your representative will help you find the best retreaded tires for your vehicle and commercial needs.

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