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For several years, Rechapage Bélisle has been delighted with its privileged position as Michelin's main partner in Quebec, the global leader in retreaded tires for heavy-duty trucks.

What is a retreaded tire? A retreaded tire, often referred to as a remolded tire, is a refurbishment process that gives new life to worn-out tires. Unlike the production of new tires, retreading involves reconstructing the tread, and sometimes the sidewalls, of a used tire using a specific process.

Exceptional service! Rechapage Bélisle's state-of-the-art factory stands out for its cutting-edge technology, in partnership with Michelin. Its highly skilled team, certified by the manufacturer, uses superior-quality materials, benefits from automated processes, and advanced computerization. It is this combination that ensures Rechapage Bélisle's success and the complete satisfaction of its customers. 

Contact one of our specialists today at one of our commercial branches to explore our wide range of retreaded products. Your advisor will be there to assist you in selecting the retreaded tires that best suit your vehicle and commercial needs.

Exceptional employment opportunity ! Are you passionate about physical and hands-on work? If you are a conscientious and reliable individual, our tire retreading factory could be the perfect place to start a career as a tire retreading technician. This job is anything but routine and holds crucial importance due to its direct impact on the environment. If the idea of working in a factory, learning the process of manufacturing truck tires, and contributing to the refurbishment of used tires appeals to you, we would be delighted to get to know you. Feel free to send your resume to: ressources.humaines@pneusbelisle.com. All positions available for this branch have already been filled.

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